Paris, Texas: Criterion Collection

February 1, 2010

Films made about the United States by foreign filmmakers are interesting because quite often they provide a unique perspective – someone from the outside looking in. German filmmaker Wim Wenders did just this with his film Paris, Texas (1984). It was... 

Apocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier

August 15, 2006

Made only a few years after the Vietnam War ended, Apocalypse Now (1979) was Francis Ford Coppola’s ambitious fusion of Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness and the madness of the American experience in that war. Riding high on the success of The... 

3 Films by Louis Malle

April 13, 2006

French filmmaker Louis Malle was born in 1932 in Thumeries which is located in Northern France. He grew up in a wealthy family and attended a Catholic boarding school near Paris at the age of 12. After World War II, Malle studied political science in...