Bright Angel

November 15, 2011

The 1990’s was a time when up and coming actors like Dermot Mulroney and Lili Taylor really came into their own, appearing in notable independent films like Living in Oblivion (1995) and The Addiction (1995) respectively. Some of these films connected... 

You Kill Me

October 22, 2007

In the 1990s, director John Dahl was the go-to guy for clever, neo noirs with Red Rock West (1992) and The Last Seduction (1994). After thoroughly mining the genre the only direction left for him was comedy and this results in his latest crime film, You... 

The Grudge

August 19, 2005

A lot was riding on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new movie, The Grudge (2004). If it failed at the box office she could be faced with the prospect of more Scooby Doo sequels while its success could lead to bigger and better things. After all, it was her... 


November 2, 2002

Quote: “Gritty realism is something that is very appealing to me, so any films that portray real gritty realism”, unquote. Here is an extract from my profile on As you can see, I have stressed clearly that hard, gritty realism...