Bad Timing

February 7, 2006

Tom Waits’ “Invitation to the Blues” plays over the opening credits of Bad Timing (1980) and this establishes the melancholy mood of a movie that explores the rise and fall arc of an obsessive relationship between a man and a woman in an unflinching... 

A Room with a View

May 12, 2002

In the 1980s, Merchant Ivory were the undisputed kings of the period film. A Room with a View (1985) cemented their reputation. Their productions were independently financed and featured lavish settings on a budget, exquisite cinematography, impeccably... 

The Adventures of Indiana Jones

January 1, 2002

Finally, one of the holy grails for DVD fans has become available: the Indiana Jones trilogy has arrived. Each film has been given its own disc, featuring remastered video and audio, with a fourth disc of supplemental material assembled and produced by...