Oliver Twist

March 27, 2006

After the critical and commercial success of The Pianist (2002), filmmaker Roman Polanski decided to do something completely different and make a children’s movie. This seems rather odd considering the adult fare that he’s usually known for (films... 

Layer Cake

January 15, 2006

After the dissolution of his partnership with Guy Ritchie (reportedly over the Swept Away remake debacle), producer Matthew Vaughn set out to continue what he and Ritchie had set out to do: make modest yet clever British gangster films with colourful... 

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

June 5, 2005

At first glance, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (2003) seems like a very conventional film noir story but it is in fact told in a very unconventional way as director Mike Hodges refuses to spell things out. Will Graham (Owen) is a retired gangster brought... 

Nil by Mouth

May 21, 2003

‘Nil by Mouth is my blues, if you like, about what was outside my window. The film is very much based on my experiences and impressions growing up and living in London’. Gary Oldman. In his directorial debut ‘Nil by Mouth’, Gary Oldman depicts... 

The Football Factory

March 19, 2003

Student cinema ticket: £7. Popcorn and a chilled beverage: £4.50. Watching ‘The Football Factory’ glorify mindless acts of violence in football hooliganism and influencing me to do the same: priceless. Finally, British cinema has returned...