Deadly Intent

December 12, 2011

Deadly Intent (1989) is one of those forgettable thrillers you happen to catch on television late one night, enticed by the cast of interesting character actors, and then promptly fall asleep partway through because it is so predictable. It was directed... 

The Garden

August 8, 2006

The Garden (2005) introduces us to Sam (Gordon), a hyper-sensitive young boy who suffers from visions and cuts himself in order to control these hallucinations. His father David (Wimmer) is a recovering alcoholic six months sober and recently divorced.... 

Alien vs. Predator

July 28, 2005

It was the franchise slugfest fans thought would never happen except in comic book form. After years and years of failed attempts and false starts, the powers that be finally got it together. Hoping to capitalize on the surprise success of the merging... 

Near Dark

September 28, 2003

The year 1987 was kind to horror film lovers, producing a double-shot of vampire thrillers: The Lost Boys and Near Dark. The former’s MTV-friendly soundtrack, coupled with then heartthrobs Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland, resulted in the latter’s... 

The Right Stuff

May 1, 2002

When The Right Stuff came out in 1983 it was a big hit with critics but failed to get off the launch pad with audiences. The film disappeared off of almost everyone’s radar for the next ten years, only appearing semi-regularly on cable movie channels....