Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy

May 26, 2009

To coincide with J.J. Abrams rebooting of the Star Trek franchise, Paramount has re-released Star Trek II through IV in a box set with brand new extras that are geared towards new fans generated from the latest film. These three films were already given... 

Are We There Yet?

December 4, 2005

There seems to be a disease going around big action heroes at the moment. First it was Vin Diesel, who felt the need to soil himself in the kiddie comedy, The Pacifier (not literally, although that might have improved things somewhat), and now Ice Cube,... 

Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1

February 20, 2005

In 1966, Sci-Fi was still a developing genre and the world had not yet seen the spectacular imagery of ‘Star Wars’. Drawing on the likes of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Lost In Space and The Twilight Zone, Gene Roddenberry created one of the...