Mirrors: Unrated

February 17, 2009

When Alexandre Aja burst on the scene with a clever little French horror film called High Tension (2003), he was almost immediately heralded by some as injecting a foul breath of new air into the horror genre which had become safe and predictable. He... 

Deja Vu

April 20, 2007

Director Tony Scott and Denzel Washington team up for another noisy, hyperactive action film for producer Jerry Bruckheimer but this time out they try to add a bit more substance and thought between the car chases and explosions with Déjà Vu (2006). When... 


December 2, 2005

After such pumped-up marathons like Ali and I, Robot perhaps it’s no big surprise that Will Smith decided to take it easy in a nice romantic comedy for a change as a New York cupid who spends his time getting unattractive men to know what women...