King Kong – Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries

February 16, 2006

In order to capitalize on the release of Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong (2005), Universal has released a collection of production diaries on a 2-DVD set. These brief segments originally aired on Kong is King, a fan website dedicated to the movie.... 

Bad Taste

November 9, 2003

In 1987, filmmaker Peter Jackson made an impressive feature film debut with Bad Taste, a 90-minute “splatstick” spoof of alien invasion movies that became New Zealand’s answer to Sam Raimi. Shot on weekends over three years for only $11,000,... 

Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings

January 26, 2001

Capitalizing on the world-wide popularity of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and the release of the final installment, The Return of the King (2003), National Geographic has released another episode of their Beyond the Movie series that focuses on...