The Fugitive Kind: Criterion Collection

May 3, 2010

Adapted from the play Orpheus Descending by the author himself, Tennessee Williams’ The Fugitive Kind (1960) is a gritty southern potboiler directed by Sidney Lumet in his customary realistic style. At the center of the film lies a torrid love triangle... 

Reds: 25th Anniversary Edition

October 23, 2006

The 1970s saw the rise in prominence of the director in Hollywood and this resulted in many movies being pushed through the system that wouldn’t normally have been made. However, by the time of the Heaven’s Gate (1980) debacle, the rule of the director... 

Sam Peckinpah’s The Legendary Westerns Collection

March 7, 2006

Sam Peckinpah defines the word “maverick.” He came out of Hollywood with his own unique brand of filmmaking that often clashed with studio executives. This resulted in a career of tough, uncompromising movies that were either loved or hated – there...