The Crimson Petal & The White

June 28, 2011

“If you dare enter this world, you had better tread carefully,” warns Sugar in the shocking opening scene depicting the loveless immorality and seedy squalor of Victorian London’s Gin Lane. Brought up from infancy by the cold and mercenary Brothelkeeper... 

Color Me Kubrick: A True…ish Story

March 23, 2007

Based loosely on an actual scam perpetuated by a man named Alan Conway, who passed himself off as filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, Color Me Kubrick (2005) is a cheeky farce that attempts to address the nature of fame a la King of Comedy (1983) – just not... 

Corpse Bride

March 7, 2006

Tim Burton returns to the kind of darkly comical gothic material that helped establish his career and reputation with Corpse Bride (2005). He’s also gone back to the same kind of stop motion animation that he utilized so memorably in The Nightmare Before...