The Breakin’ DVD Collection

January 23, 2006

It’s time to put your headband and parachute pants on and break out those Grandmaster Flash records for the holy breakdancing trilogy of films. These movies were made pre-Gangsta rap when disputes were settled either on the dance floor or on the mic.... 

The Matrix Revisited

December 23, 2003

In an attempt to satiate fans of The Matrix until the sequels arrive in theatres, the powers that be assembled a two-hour documentary and released it on DVD. The Matrix Revisited is much more than one long commercial for The Matrix movies. It is a fascinating,... 

The Matrix

December 5, 2003

“George (Lucas) never saw this (phantom) menace coming” was the quote used in one publication to herald the theatrical release of the Wachowski Brothers’ The Matrix. A film that redefines the action genre and brings science fiction to the mass market....