Sherlock (Blu-Ray)

December 6, 2010

Sherlock Holmes? Transposed to modern day London, with computers, mobile phones and the Internet? Surely this will never work? The idea that London’s most famous Victorian detective, as penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, could work in a modern setting... 

V for Vendetta: Two-Disc Special Edition

August 1, 2006

Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s graphic novel V for Vendetta was a product of its time. Moore was disgusted with Margaret Thatcher’s ultra-conservative regime and scared at how close the world was coming to nuclear war. His book was a reaction to what... 

A Room with a View

May 12, 2002

In the 1980s, Merchant Ivory were the undisputed kings of the period film. A Room with a View (1985) cemented their reputation. Their productions were independently financed and featured lavish settings on a budget, exquisite cinematography, impeccably...