February 27, 2005

Remember a time when Cuba Gooding Jr. wasn’t starring in crappy slapstick comedies like ‘Snow Dogs’ or ‘Boat Trip’ and was winning awards and being recognised for his acting abilities? Well if ‘Radio’ is anything... 

Jersey Girl

December 28, 2004

Ever since Kevin Smith made Clerks (1994), he has been threatening to make a PG-rated, mainstream audience-friendly movie that his folks could actually go and see. Jersey Girl was his attempt. The question remained, would he soften the edges of his trademark... 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

August 5, 2003

Since the birth of DVD the format has spread faster than CD audio, due to some hard-core film fanatics, some large scale marketing campaigns and the odd fantastic DVD release. Lethal Weapon 4 showed us what DVD was capable of in the shape of extra features,...