Goal! The Dream Begins

September 27, 2006

With the notable exception of Victory (1981), there have been very few good movies about the sport of soccer (as it is known in North American, football everywhere else in the world). In recent years there have a few notable attempts – Mean Machine... 


November 24, 2003

In the near future after WWIII, the powers that be decide the only way the human race can survive is by the curbing of all emotions thus quelling man’s violent warmongering. To this end all citizens are on a mandatory self administered drug intake,... 

Dog Soldiers

November 6, 2003

Being a huge fan of the John Landis horror An American Werewolf in London I was very keen to see Dog Soldiers. Another werewolf movie shot in the UK using quality English actors was a prospect too good to miss. It would be gritty, dark and not afraid...