Black Swan

March 24, 2011

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many ballet-centric films out there and even fewer that are good, with notable exceptions like The Red Shoes (1948) and the underrated Robert Altman film The Company (2003). So Darren Aronofsky had his work cut out for... 

Eastern Promises

January 14, 2008

Ever since his big budget remake of The Fly (1986), David Cronenberg has flirted with mainstream success. Known early on in his career as a provocative and original horror/science fiction filmmaker, he began to dabble in other genres with his adaptation... 

La haine

May 11, 2007

La Haine (1995) is a blistering howl of dissent chronicling the disenfranchised minorities living in the projects just outside of Paris. Mathieu Kassovitz’s film sheds light on the unemployed youth and the pointlessness of their existence. We normally... 

Ocean’s Twelve

September 30, 2005

With big budget, star-studded casts like the one in Ocean’s Twelve (2004), there is always the danger of having them look too smug and self-indulgent instead of having fun along with the audience. Ocean’s Eleven (2001) managed to straddle this line... 


June 22, 2005

(Very) Loosely based on Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s famous comic strip, Blueberry, Jan Kounen’s Renegade (2004) only uses the French artist’s work as a starting point for which to go off on all kinds of fanciful, metaphysical tangents. It starts...