Elektra: Director’s Cut

February 8, 2006

Based on the lukewarm critical and commercial reaction to Elektra (2005), is a Director’s Cut really warranted? Apparently, somebody thought so and following on the heels of the much better Daredevil (2003) Director’s Cut we get a slight tweaking... 


October 24, 2005

The only thing to survive the debacle known as Daredevil (2003) was the positive reaction, by audiences, to one of the characters in the film, Elektra, played by Jennifer Garner. This may have been more as a result of her fresh-faced, girl-next-door charisma... 


April 21, 2003

Torque (2004) is the debut film of music video director Joseph Kahn. It’s no surprise that the entire film is shot like a music video—everyone looks perfect, everything looks beautiful and no shot lasts longer than five seconds. A film like this is...