The Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition

January 15, 2006

It has been 25 years since John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd’s most famous characters, the Blues Brothers roared their way onto the big screen and re-introduced the world to the joys of classic rhythm and blues. After receiving criticism for only releasing... 

Michael Jackson Number Ones

May 1, 2003

He’s the King of Pop, the greatest entertainer of a generation, has the biggest selling album of all time, he was the first black artist to be shown on MTV and he single handedly revolutionised the music video. He is, quite simply, Michael Jackson. The... 

National Lampoon’s Animal House – Double Secret Probation

December 9, 2001

It’s time to put on your toga and tap a keg because Animal House is celebrating its 25th anniversary. And what better way to celebrate the misadventures of Bluto, Otter and Flounder than with a brand spankin’ new DVD. This is the third version released...