Moonlighting: Seasons 1 & 2

November 8, 2005

In a landscape dominated by Dynasty and Hill St. Blues, Moonlighting was a breath of fresh air when it debuted on American television in 1985. It was a detective show that provided a funny, witty alternative and ambitiously took the screwball comedy popular... 

Die Hard 5 Star Collection

May 1, 2003

The greatest action movie of all time. To give Die Hard to the general action movie watching public is something of a waste. You might as well give them cheap wine instead of Don Perignon, a shops own brand cheese instead of French Brie and Lazenby instead... 

The Fifth Element

November 1, 2001

After critical success with indie movies like Nikita, The Big Blue and Leon, Luc Besson surprised everyone by making his next project a $90 million science-fiction adventure about a taxi driver who helps save the world. When he was thirteen, Besson dreamed... 

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