November 11, 2003

Nixon (1995) was initially available only in a DVD with minimal extras. Recently, Stone has revisited his entire canon with special edition treatments. Nixon was the last hold-out and has finally received a proper two-disc Collector’s Edition complete... 

Buffalo Soldiers

December 7, 2002

Buffalo Soldiers (2001) had the misfortune of being scheduled to come out in theatres the day after 9/11. Miramax, understandably nervous about releasing a black comedy about the U.S. Army so close after such a devastating event, shelved the film for... 

The Right Stuff

May 1, 2002

When The Right Stuff came out in 1983 it was a big hit with critics but failed to get off the launch pad with audiences. The film disappeared off of almost everyone’s radar for the next ten years, only appearing semi-regularly on cable movie channels.... 

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