Things We Lost in the Fire

March 10, 2008

The dreaded Oscar curse affects so many actors who win one of those golden statuettes. For some reason, after they win an Academy Award their choices in film roles is simply awful. Just look at what Kevin Spacey and Nicolas Cage have done since they won... 

Beowulf: Unrated Director’s Cut

February 29, 2008

After leaving behind live-action motion pictures for the computer-animated adaptation of The Polar Express (2004), Robert Zemeckis utilized the same technology for another adaptation – Beowulf (2007). With the help of author Neil Gaiman and screenwriter... 

Where the Truth Lies: Unrated Theatrical Edition

March 13, 2006

Since the critically acclaimed but commercial failure of Felicia’s Journey (1999), Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan has been keeping a low profile. He returned to the spotlight in 2005 with a vengeance with Where the Truth Lies. It captured headlines... 

Big Fish

May 20, 2003

Tim Burton’s adaptation of Daniel Wallace’s book about a big man, a big story and a big fish. You would be forgiven for worrying that Tim Burton was losing his mojo, what with the less than exceptional remake of Planet of the Apes and an entire... 

Matchstick Men

September 1, 2002

Con-artists Nic Cage and Sam Rockwell find their biggest scam in danger when Cage’s 14-year-old daughter arrives on the scene. Director Ridley Scott usually favours big flamboyant blockbusters, so it was an odd choice for him to take the reigns...