Drive Angry

May 31, 2011

Continuing his string of paycheck movies, Drive Angry (2011) is actually closer to the gonzo Nicolas Cage of old than the diluted actor we’ve come to expect in films like Next (2007) and Knowing (2009). With Drive Angry, he’s made a full-on, balls-out... 

Zombieland (Blu-Ray)

March 11, 2010

Let’s make no mistake about this, Zombieland doesn’t exactly have much in the way of a plot – and that’s saying something when you consider it’s being compared to other zombie movies. Reportedly inspired by the British comedy Shaun of the Dead,... 

Friday Night Lights

January 29, 2006

If phrases like “4th and 10”, “quarterback” or “state championships” don’t stir pride and honor into running through your veins, and unless your a NFL fan or from Odessa, Texas in 1988 – it probably won’t. Catering for a niche market,...