Mirrors: Unrated

February 17, 2009

When Alexandre Aja burst on the scene with a clever little French horror film called High Tension (2003), he was almost immediately heralded by some as injecting a foul breath of new air into the horror genre which had become safe and predictable. He... 

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

November 30, 2004

It must be everyone’s fantasy to be dating his or her favourite sexy movie star and for Kate Bosworth’s Rosalee that fantasy is about to come true when she discovers a competition to win a date with Tad Hamilton. Her dreams are fulfilled when... 

Starsky & Hutch

March 11, 2004

Let’s be honest, most cinematic remakes of classic TV shows are awful. They either barely resemble the original (like the Claire Danes version of The Mod Squad) or turn it into kitsch parody (like The Flintstones). More often than not the contemporary... 

The Butterfly Effect

April 10, 2002

“The Butterfly Effect is a gripping, supernatural thriller that taps into the turbulent nature of past, present and future”, claim the producers. Lies! Let’s rephrase it more accurately: “The Butterfly Effect is a stupid supernatural...