Transformers: Special Edition

October 17, 2007

In the 1980s, Transformers were one of the most popular and profitable toy lines. So much so that the franchise expanded into a long-running cartoon, a movie, a comic book, and so on. It was only a matter of time (and money) before someone would try a... 


July 3, 2007

Friday June 22nd, and some of the staff from TheTransformers.Net and made the long and arduous journey down to London for the premier of Transformers. That’s right, despite our long running and publicised feud with Don Murphy... 

Hustle and Flow

February 27, 2006

Hustle and Flow (2005) was the toast of last year’s Sundance Film Festival and helped launch Terrence Howard’s career into the mainstream (along with his appearances in Crash and Four Brothers). This small, independent film got so much buzz that MTV/Paramount... 

Exit Wounds

July 29, 2003

The biggest money making genre in film history has always been the action movie, with Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Van Damme leading the way. Here we’re going to look at the greatest action star to ever throw away his badge and be told he’s...