The Man Who Fell to Earth

February 2, 2006

When The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) was shown in the United States it was trimmed of 20 minutes of footage because the studio was worried that people wouldn’t understand what was going on. These cuts only made the movie more incomprehensible. This... 

The Glass Shield: Special Edition

January 23, 2006

Charles Burnett is one of America’s most underrated filmmakers working today. Unlike his African-American contemporary, Spike Lee, he is not an outspoken personality in his own right, preferring to let the work speak for itself. In many respects, his... 

Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection

December 2, 2005

Before The Matrix movies transformed Keanu Reeves into an international movie star, his biggest contribution to the popular culture zeitgeist was Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989). It is a charming little movie about two surfer dudes who travel... 

The Martin Scorsese Film Collection

August 10, 2005

Martin Scorsese is one of the world’s greatest filmmakers living today. At first, this may seem like so much over-inflated hype, and to be sure, he would be the first to avoid this title, but think, for a moment, about a handful of the films this...