Bad Santa: Director’s Cut

November 7, 2006

Already released on DVD with a theatrical version and a raunchier, unrated version, Bad Santa (2003) is enjoying yet another DVD release, this time the Director’s Cut. This is an anti-Christmas movie that gleefully thumbs its cynical nose at the fake... 

Ocean’s Twelve

September 30, 2005

With big budget, star-studded casts like the one in Ocean’s Twelve (2004), there is always the danger of having them look too smug and self-indulgent instead of having fun along with the audience. Ocean’s Eleven (2001) managed to straddle this line... 

Bad Santa: The Unrated Version

December 13, 2003

Bad Santa (2003), like The Ref (1994) before it, is an anti-Christmas movie. They both gleefully thumb their cynical noses at the fake cheer and manufactured mirth of the holiday season. However, where The Ref betrayed its own misanthropic tendencies... 

Ocean’s Eleven

July 3, 2003

When it comes to crime capers there’s only one man for the job, and it doesn’t even invalidate his parole. Daz examines Ocean’s Eleven and plots a trip to Las Vegas, guess we won’t be seeing him for a few years. Over the years...