The Good Shepherd

April 3, 2007

The Good Shepherd (2006) has been a long-gestating project for screenwriter Eric Roth but then again pitching an epic biopic about the creation of the CIA must’ve been a tough sell for studios interested in making crowd-pleasing blockbusters and not... 

Trust the Man

February 7, 2007

Trust the Man (2006) is a romantic comedy set in New York City so we’re on familiar ground. We knew what to expect because we’ve seen so many of these kinds of movies: white, affluent New Yorkers with relationship problems. Which means that this film... 

Mission: Impossible III: 2-Disc Special Collector’s Edition

November 13, 2006

After the stylish, over-the-top melodramatics of John Woo’s entry in the Mission: Impossible franchise, it was time for a new direction. With five seasons of the international superspy television show Alias under his belt, it made sense that J.J. Abrams... 

Stage Beauty

June 30, 2005

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching Shakespeare In Love: Part Deux, as wannabe Claire Danes steals lady-man Billy Crudup’s trademark role when an old law forbidding women to act on stage is thrown out by the king. A bare few months... 

Big Fish

May 20, 2003

Tim Burton’s adaptation of Daniel Wallace’s book about a big man, a big story and a big fish. You would be forgiven for worrying that Tim Burton was losing his mojo, what with the less than exceptional remake of Planet of the Apes and an entire...