The Quatermass Xperiment

November 4, 2011

Based on the popular 1953 BBC television serial The Quatermass Experiment, written by the legendary Nigel Kneale, Hammer films adapted it into a feature film known as The Quatermass Xperiment (1955). Director Val Guest condensed the serial and changed... 

The Fly: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition

May 17, 2006

Should Man play God, should we attempt to better the world with radical inventions, should we push scientific know-how to its limits and should we test it, on ourselves? The Fly movies would suggest that, no – we don’t, because when it goes wrong,... 

Kiss of Death

February 24, 2006

Kiss of Death (1947) belongs in a sub-genre of film noir that blends a documentary style with a noir look and sensibility. Nick Bianco (Mature) is a jewel thief caught and sent to prison. While waiting to be sentenced he meets Tommy Udo (Widmark), a sadistic...