Halls of Anger

February 20, 2006

Halls of Anger (1970) carries on in the tradition of hard-hitting urban youth films like Blackboard Jungle (1955) with angry youth rebelling against the authoritarian teachers albeit dealing with racially charged issues. Quincy Davis (Lockhart) is an... 

Predator 2: Special Edition

October 11, 2005

Want some candy? Ah yes, the early nineties: those were the days. The bigger the hero’s gun, the cooler he was. No worrying about offending people about terrorism as you went about blowing up everything that moved, or how the focus groups would... 

Wild at Heart: Special Edition

June 20, 2005

By 1990, David Lynch was at the peak of his popularity and enjoying the most productive period of his career. His television show, Twin Peaks, had captivated American audiences and he was directing a number of commercials and performance art pieces (Industrial...