The Girl on the Train

May 18, 2010

Andre Techine is among some of the best post-French New Wave filmmakers and is known for his elegantly-shot films that explore the complexities of human emotions. Arguably, he’s best known for My Favorite Season (1993) and particularly Wild Reeds (1994),... 

Repulsion: Criterion Collection

July 28, 2009

Repulsion (1965) was Roman Polanski’s second feature after the auspicious debut of Knife in the Water (1962) and established him as a filmmaker with a knack for conveying psychological horror. The film is also a startling study of loneliness and one... 

The Last Metro: Criterion Collection

April 20, 2009

The Last Metro (1980) has been described as the most popular film of Francois Truffaut’s latter career. It was also one of his most personal – relying on his childhood memories of German-occupied France during World War II. At the time of the film’s... 

Belle de jour: Criterion Collection

January 9, 2006

In 1967, master provocateur Luis Bunuel released one of his most celebrated films Belle de jour, an erotic tale of an unhappy bourgeois Paris housewife who works part-time at a posh brothel in order to act out her complex psychosexual fantasies. It was...