Transformers: Season 2 part 1

May 1, 2012

For those of us old enough to remember the Transformers first time around, yet young enough to still care about them, we’ve fond memories of great cartoons with heroic characters and an unbeatable toy line. Of course the kids of today have that... 

Transformers Season 1 Tin Edition Box Set

April 21, 2005

The Transformers are one of the biggest selling toy lines in history and in 1984 they ventured from kids’ toys into their very own animated TV series. From this they spawned a variety of merchandise such as comics, a movie, bedspreads, more toys... 

Transformers Season 3 & 4

December 11, 2004

In 1986, the Transformers went into their third season, making some bold marketing decisions, and they must have paid off because twenty years or so later here it is on DVD. Those who are not Transformers savvy will be completely and utterly confused... 

Transformers Season 2 part 2

December 13, 2003

In 1985, The Transformers were hitting their peak and after a successful 16 episodes in its first season, they came back with a whopping 49 episodes in their second. So big was it, that they have been released in two parts. This Transformers Season 2... 

Transformers Season 1 Deluxe Box Set

July 15, 2003

After a series of average DVD releases, Maverick have a chance to redeem themselves with the Transformers Season 1 Deluxe Box Set. How have they done? Daz finds out… Rhino’s season one collector’s edition box set won over many fans with...