Gladiator: Extended Edition

February 1, 2006

We all know the story. In 1999, Ridley Scott hadn’t made anything decent since Thelma and Louise eight years previously, Russell Crowe was just starting to get noticed after The Insider and as for Joaquin Phoenix, who the hell is he? Cut to 2005... 

The Ice Harvest

December 12, 2005

The Ice Harvest (2005) is a pitch black comedy set in Wichita, Kansas on Christmas Eve. Charlie (Cusack) is a mob lawyer who has stolen $2 million of his boss’ (Quaid) money with the help of Vic (Thornton), a local pornographer. Charlie has a thing... 


August 25, 2003

With every successful film comes a torrent of derision from the press, Gladiator was no exception. Mauled for its plodding script, wafer thin plot and poor acting. But was any of this warranted? Well yes actually, but only the part about the script. The... 


December 5, 2002

Film critic turned filmmaker, Olivier Assayas’ latest effort is Demonlover (2002), a sleek, near-future corporate espionage thriller. At times, with its labyrinthine plotting and abstract imagery, it resembles something from the mind of David Lynch...