Lilo & Stitch: 3-Disc Special Edition

June 25, 2013

Lilo & Stitch (2002) was conceived as a new wave of smaller, less expensive movies originating from an idea Chris Sanders had for a children’s book. He was a storyboard artist for Disney and his drawings for movie provided the basis for its look.... 

Hide and Seek

December 4, 2005

Remember when Robert De Niro used to make good movies? Now, he seems content to star in formulaic comedies and cliched thrillers like this “gem.” Hide and Seek (2005) marks a new low for the veteran thespian. You know your career is in trouble when... 

Man on Fire

March 18, 2005

Tony Scott is a journeyman action film director capable of producing an excellent film when given the right material (True Romance) and truly abysmal ones when given the wrong material (The Fan). Either way, his films all have a distinctive look of a...