June 6, 2011

Defiance (1980) is an early Jerry Bruckheimer production, back when he was interested in making gritty crime films like American Gigolo (1980) and Thief (1981). Unfortunately, Defiance was given a limited released where it promptly bombed at the box office... 

Cher: The Film Collection

November 22, 2010

Here’s a film that I bet William Friedkin would like to forget. At a time when popular musical acts like The Beatles and The Monkees were starring in movie musicals, Sonny and Cher decided to cash in on the trend too with Good Times (1967). Bored between... 

Moonstruck: Deluxe Edition

April 17, 2006

When MGM first released Moonstruck (1987) on DVD they inexplicably did so with an inferior pan and scan transfer. They’ve rectified this situation with a new deluxe edition that restores its proper aspect ratio and with a collection of new extras. Moonstruck... 

Leon, The Professional: Deluxe Edition

August 2, 2005

Fresh from the international success of La Femme Nikita (1990), Luc Besson attempted to conquer America with Leon (1994). Trimmed of a few minutes for a potentially uncomfortable scene involving a little girl proclaiming her love for a hitman and renamed...