The Last Seven

October 21, 2010

It seems that failed agony uncle Danny Dyer has been in an awful lot of direct-to-video films lately. In fact, every time that I go to my local Asda, he’s there, mocking me from the DVD aisle. Cheapo copies of Pimp, Jack Said, City Rats and Dead... 


July 4, 2007

Let’s get one thing straight to begin with; I have a major problem with Danny ‘hard-man’ Dyer. What the fuck is this guy doing in films, he should stick to hanging around his local ‘east-end’ newsagents with his mates drinking Tropical Reef... 

The Football Factory

March 19, 2003

Student cinema ticket: £7. Popcorn and a chilled beverage: £4.50. Watching ‘The Football Factory’ glorify mindless acts of violence in football hooliganism and influencing me to do the same: priceless. Finally, British cinema has returned...