Captain America

August 29, 2011

Before Bryan Singer’s X-Men (2000) film demonstrated the artistic and commercial potential of some of their titles, it seemed like Marvel Comics didn’t care how they were adapted to the big screen. And so, we had horrible misfires like Howard the... 

The Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore Collection

June 11, 2005

In some respects, Adam Sandler has come a long way since Billy Madison (1995), his first starring role after four years on Saturday Night Live. Recently, he has starred in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Technicolor romantic comedy, Punch-Drunk Love (2002) and... 

The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler

December 14, 2004

Before there was The X-Files there was Carl Kolchak (McGavin), an investigative reporter who covered a distinctly different beat—a supernatural one. Kolchak was a short-lived TV series that ran from 1974 to 1975. Before that he was introduced to the... 

A Christmas Story (Two-Disc Special Edition)

December 21, 2001

For anyone who grew up watching A Christmas Story (1983) on television every year during the holiday season, Christmas has come early in the form of a 2-DVD set celebrating the 20th anniversary of this Yuletide classic. Now, the misadventures of Ralphie,...