Lucky You

September 25, 2007

After the surprise critical and semi-commercial hit of L.A. Confidential (1997), director Curtis Hanson followed it up with the equally critically-lauded Wonder Boys (2000) that, despite two separate theatrical releases, failed to connect with a mainstream... 

The Wedding Date

January 28, 2006

The problem that faces a lot of TV actors is making the jump from the small screen to the big one. Quite often they are so closely identified with the show they’re on because you can see them on it all the time. In the case of Debra Messing, who is... 

Ned and Stacey: Season 1

January 3, 2006

Ned (Haden Church) is a cynical, self-absorbed advertising agency executive. Stacey (Messing) is an idealist who writes for The Village Voice. They are set-up on a blind date by their friends and its love and hate at first sight. He’s superficial and... 

Along Came Polly

March 1, 2004

Risk-assessor Ben Stiller falls for unpredictable Jennifer Aniston in this weak romantic comedy. To the casual DVD renter (and yes, there are such people, believe it or not) looking at the back cover of Along Came Polly they would be forgiven for thinking,...