MGM ’80s Movie Collection

October 12, 2010

Valley Girl (1983) is a milestone 1980s comedy for several reasons. It was a smart, sexy and funny alternative to the countless teen comedies that came out during the decade. It helped popularize Valley Girl-speak that originated among teenage girls from... 


December 18, 2007

Novelist and comic book writer Neil Gaiman hasn’t had much success with getting his work adapted into films. Terry Gilliam has been trying to get Good Omens made for years and Hollywood has been circling his most famous creation, Sandman, for some time.... 

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Locked ‘N Loaded Director’s Cut

October 20, 2006

Guy Ritchie burst on the scene with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) as England’s answer to Quentin Tarantino, only funnier. Like his American counterpart, Ritchie took movie characters and put everyday conversations into their mouths with... 

Doom Unrated Extended Edition

March 30, 2006

I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, just when will The Rock get a decent film to launch his acting career? Schwarzenegger had Terminator, Willis had Die Hard, and the Rock… well, he has Walking, um, The Run.. no, wait. He has nothing. Doom... 

Doom: Unrated Extended Edition

March 7, 2006

Wow, a cinematic video game adaptation not directed by Uwe Boll (Alone in the Dark) or Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil)?! I guess those guys must’ve been busy planning their next cinematic masterpieces when the casting call went out for Doom (2005)....