Breaking the Waves: Criterion Collection

May 12, 2014

With Breaking the Waves (1996), Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier finally broke through into North America after several early efforts that were exercises in style more than anything else. This film saw him taking a page from the cinema of John Cassavetes... 

Miss Potter

June 14, 2007

When it was announced that the very American actress Renee Zellweger was to play the beloved British literary heroine Bridget Jones, fans were in an uproar. How dare an American play such a quintessential British character?! However, she silenced all... 

Corpse Bride

March 7, 2006

Tim Burton returns to the kind of darkly comical gothic material that helped establish his career and reputation with Corpse Bride (2005). He’s also gone back to the same kind of stop motion animation that he utilized so memorably in The Nightmare Before... 


November 24, 2003

In the near future after WWIII, the powers that be decide the only way the human race can survive is by the curbing of all emotions thus quelling man’s violent warmongering. To this end all citizens are on a mandatory self administered drug intake,...