Trust the Man

February 7, 2007

Trust the Man (2006) is a romantic comedy set in New York City so we’re on familiar ground. We knew what to expect because we’ve seen so many of these kinds of movies: white, affluent New Yorkers with relationship problems. Which means that this film... 


December 2, 2005

After such pumped-up marathons like Ali and I, Robot perhaps it’s no big surprise that Will Smith decided to take it easy in a nice romantic comedy for a change as a New York cupid who spends his time getting unattractive men to know what women... 

Stuck On You

May 8, 2003

Over the years, the Farrelly brothers have amassed an impressive body of work that makes them a unique breed of filmmaker—comedic auteurs. In a time when Todd Phillips is wrongly touted as an auteur by the studios, the Farrellys (and also Kevin Smith...