April 26, 2006

Shopgirl (2005) was marketed as that year’s Lost in Translation (2004) – a love story between a young, idealistic woman and an older, disillusioned man – only it really wasn’t, people seemed to realize this and the film disappeared fairly quickly... 

Broken Flowers

March 14, 2006

Bill Murray re-teams with his Coffee & Cigarettes director Jim Jarmusch in a story about a lonely batchelor who seeks out his old flames in an attempt to uncover if he really has a son. There are two kinds of people: people who worship Jarmusch’s... 

Broken Flowers

February 27, 2006

Ever since Night on Earth (1991), filmmaker Jim Jarmusch has worked with recognizable movie stars in what could be interpreted as a bid for mainstream acceptance or, more probably, a way to get his films financed and distributed in a progressively difficult... 

The Aviator

November 18, 2005

For years, Martin Scorsese has been unfairly overlooked by the Academy Awards (GoodFellas losing out to Dances with Wolves?!). He is the perennial Hollywood outsider. In recent years, the veteran filmmaker seems to become aware of this slight and, like... 


August 10, 2005

Ever since the success of Batman Returns (1992), Warner Brothers has been trying to get a spin-off movie for the Catwoman character off the ground. Michelle Pfeiffer’s take on the comic book character was a hit with audiences and critics but she never...