Enemy of the State: Unrated Extended Edition

May 16, 2006

Back when Enemy of the State came out in 1998, some of the events depicted and some of the technology that was used seemed unthinkable. After all, one of the main plot points is the United States government trying to pass legislation that would allow... 

Assault on Precinct 13

November 23, 2005

Assault on Precinct 13 (2004) is a remake of John Carpenter’s no frills cult classic (which was a remake of Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo) but with a name cast and a CGI facelift. The results are a mixed bag. While competently filmed and ably acted by the... 

Vanity Fair

September 26, 2005

You’ve got to hand it to Reese Witherspoon. She began as a teenager in gritty indie movies earning acclaim from her performances in dark works, Freeway and Best Laid Plans before moving into bigger mainstream films like Pleasantville and then selling... 


August 13, 2005

Filmmaker Dylan Kidd proved with his debut feature, Rodger Dodger (2002), that he was an adept observer of human behaviour. He has a keen eye on how people interact with one another. Where his first film featured an unsympathetic and often unlikable protagonist,... 

Mad Dog Time

August 6, 2003

Mad Dog Time (1996) exists in a world where Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack never went out of fashion. It’s a parallel universe stuck in the 1940s and populated by gangsters and femme fatales. To say that this film works on its own kooky internal... 


February 1, 2003

Shade (2003) is the latest in a long tradition of grifter movies, from the likes of The Hustler (1961) and House of Games (1987). They often feature elaborate confidence games most commonly involving card games like poker or other games of chance like...