The Bourne Supremacy

July 27, 2005

Reading about The Bourne Supremacy, or indeed its predecessor The Bourne Identity, chances are you’ll hear the phrase ‘better than Bond’ any number of times and after the lacklustre outings of Pierce Brosnan (after Goldeneye anyway)... 

The Bourne Identity (Special Edition)

June 6, 2004

We open with a common hook, someone who has lost their memory and doesn’t know who they are. This time it’s Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. He is found floating unconscious in the rough Mediterranean Sea, when picked up by a boat and nursed back to health... 

Buffalo Soldiers

December 7, 2002

Buffalo Soldiers (2001) had the misfortune of being scheduled to come out in theatres the day after 9/11. Miramax, understandably nervous about releasing a black comedy about the U.S. Army so close after such a devastating event, shelved the film for...