3:10 to Yuma: Criterion Collection

May 22, 2013

With its own unstoppable momentum, 3:10 to Yuma (1957) is a suspenseful, ticking-clock western expertly directed by Delmer Daves, one of the most under-appreciated journeyman filmmakers working in Hollywood during its classical period. Adapted from Elmore... 

Jubal: Criterion Collection

May 20, 2013

Delmer Daves is one of the most underrated directors of westerns and is one that deserves to be ranked alongside the likes of John Ford and Howard Hawks. He had a natural affinity for the West and the Native Americans that inhabited it. Daves had already... 

The Superman Motion Picture Anthology (Blu-Ray)

June 17, 2011

With every new format comes the chance to release box-sets of classic movies once again; those movies that, regardless of whether we’ve seen them a thousand times or whether we already own them on numerous formats, they become must have purchases. Indiana... 

Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics: Volume 1

November 4, 2009

Film noir is a tricky genre to get a handle on. Film critics and historians argue endlessly about how to define it but they certainly know one when they see it. Classic film noir typically is set in an urban environment – rainy nights, shadowy alleyways... 

Superman 1 & 2 Box Set

May 8, 2003

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Superman and he’s here on DVD in one glorious set. In these heady times when heroes are needed, America’s greatest hero of them all steps up to the plate and smacks a home run for Uncle Sam. The man...