Fast Food Nation

March 21, 2007

Adapted from the non-fiction book of the same name by Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation (2006) is something of a departure for filmmaker Richard Linklater as it is his most overtly political effort – a scathing indictment of the fast food industry as... 


January 31, 2007

A man (Caviezel) wearing a jean jacket wakes up in a locked warehouse to find an unconscious man (Pantoliano) tied to a chair, another unconscious man (Sisto) hanging from an overhead walkway by a handcuffed arm and another man (Kinnear) lying out cold... 


January 3, 2007

Underdog sports movies, when done well, can be a surefire formula for success. Get a sympathetic protagonist and pit him against insurmountable odds with a satisfying ending so that everyone leaves the theatre feeling all warm and fuzzy. Case in point:... 

Little Miss Sunshine

December 20, 2006

This star-studded independent film (isn’t that an oxymoron?) was the toast of this year’s Sundance Film Festival with its distribution rights being bought for $10 million – one of the biggest deals ever made in the festival’s history. The film... 

Bad News Bears: Special Collector’s Edition

February 21, 2006

If fans of Richard Linklater’s films were nervous when he entered the mainstream with School of Rock (2003), a Jack Black vehicle with kids, then they must’ve freaked out when it was announced that he was remaking The Bad News Bears (1976) with Billy... 

Stuck On You

May 8, 2003

Over the years, the Farrelly brothers have amassed an impressive body of work that makes them a unique breed of filmmaker—comedic auteurs. In a time when Todd Phillips is wrongly touted as an auteur by the studios, the Farrellys (and also Kevin Smith...