April 19, 2007

Bobby (2006) is Emilio Estevez’s comeback from obscurity with an earnest look back at the fateful night Presidential-hopeful Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel on June 4, 1968. Instead of focusing on the man, Estevez creates... 

Twin Peaks: Season 2

April 5, 2007

Twin Peaks was the first bonafide pop culture phenomenon of the 1990s as millions of viewers tuned in every week to find out who killed Laura Palmer (Lee) and check out what the quirky inhabitants of this small, northwestern town were up to. After the... 

From Hell

June 12, 2003

We question the wisdom of giving Daz a film about Jack the Ripper, someone he has followed and idolised for years. We decided what the hell, let’s treat it as an experiment and see what he does. For some reason I’ve always had an interest...