Doctor Who – The Complete Series 5 (Blu-Ray)

December 2, 2010

Taking over the much coveted role of ‘The Doctor’ in Doctor Who is always going to be difficult for any actor, no matter how confident or experienced they may be. For Matt Smith however, it was doubly, triply difficult because he a) had to take over... 


May 2, 2006

Heath Ledger proved his versatility as an actor in 2005 by playing very diverse characters in four different movies. Hot off the heels of his gay cowboy role in the 1960s in Brokeback Mountain, he went on to portray one of the world’s greatest lovers... 

Enduring Love

October 6, 2005

There is something missing from British cinema, and Enduring Love is the best attempt at a clever, thought-provoking psychological thriller/drama that is ever gonna try and rival its American counterparts. This adaptation of an Ian McEwan best-selling...