Doctor Who – The Complete Series 5 (Blu-Ray)

December 2, 2010

Taking over the much coveted role of ‘The Doctor’ in Doctor Who is always going to be difficult for any actor, no matter how confident or experienced they may be. For Matt Smith however, it was doubly, triply difficult because he a) had to take over... 

Darkness: Unrated Version

October 5, 2005

Ever since the success of Re-Animator (1985) launched his career as a horror film producer, Brian Yuzna has remained independent and to keep it that way he’s gone from making his movies in the United States to Europe where it costs less. His latest... 


December 3, 2001

Despite being snapped up by Dimension Films in America, this Spanish horror has yet to see the light of day, possibly due to its muddled screenplay and studio executives with cold feet. But letting it languish in limbo like this means it may never find...