The Glass Shield: Special Edition

January 23, 2006

Charles Burnett is one of America’s most underrated filmmakers working today. Unlike his African-American contemporary, Spike Lee, he is not an outspoken personality in his own right, preferring to let the work speak for itself. In many respects, his... 

Are We There Yet?

December 4, 2005

There seems to be a disease going around big action heroes at the moment. First it was Vin Diesel, who felt the need to soil himself in the kiddie comedy, The Pacifier (not literally, although that might have improved things somewhat), and now Ice Cube,... 


April 21, 2003

Torque (2004) is the debut film of music video director Joseph Kahn. It’s no surprise that the entire film is shot like a music video—everyone looks perfect, everything looks beautiful and no shot lasts longer than five seconds. A film like this is...