Heaven’s Gate: Criterion Collection

December 19, 2012

With Heaven’s Gate (1980), Michael Cimino made the classic risky gamble that many ambitious filmmakers make. Still flush from the commercial and critical success of The Deer Hunter (1978), he used all of his newfound clout to make an epic tale depicting... 

White Material: Criterion Collection

April 8, 2011

Claire Denis’ White Material (2009) is set in a nameless African country on the verge of civil war. It used to be under French rule but no longer. Only a few French white colonists remain and the film focuses on Maria Vial (Huppert) who runs a coffee... 

I Heart Huckabees

August 18, 2005

“We’re not in infinity, we’re in the suburbs.” – Albert I Heart Huckabees (2004) is a strange movie. After satirically skewering the U.S.’ involvement in the first Gulf War with Three Kings (1999), David O. Russell took some time off to regroup...