The Lone Ranger

January 14, 2014

Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski’s first collaboration was on the surprise box office success that was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). They worked together on two subsequent sequels, Dead Men’s Chest (2006) and... 


November 19, 2013

Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991) reignited the American public’s fascination with the John F. Kennedy assassination, spawning several other films that took a look at either the peripheral figures involved (Ruby) or its impact on society (Love Field). In... 

24: Season 3

June 24, 2005

24 is an ingenious concept show that is miraculously still going strong. By playing out a difficult day in the life of government agent, Jack Bauer, the show’s structure is set up so that each hour-long episode is shown almost in real-time. This results...